Representing Today's Visionaries with Tomorrow's Ideas

Who We Are

Our mission is to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Leading Thoughts talent comprises a unique collaborative of business and academic luminaries who are gifted communicators and bestselling authors acclaimed for their ability to identify and articulate critical business trends. Innovators who refuse to rest on laurels of past successes, our speakers represent the bold ideas, charismatic personalities, and inspirational intelligence that attract attention in today’s economy.

Leading Thoughts clients are seeking the most cutting edge ideas delivered by visionaries who provoke, stimulate, question norms and challenge boundaries. Our clients represent businesses with a desire to transform and willingness to imagine, and pursue, ongoing innovation.

The Leading Thoughts team works with corporate leaders and program planners to find the right visionary to grasp their business need and provide the stimuli and insight to energize and propel employees – and customers – in new directions.

In order to ensure the perfect match between our clients’ goals and our talent’s ability to identify and articulate critical business trends and innovative solutions, we are selective and deliberate about the talent we represent.

Our success depends upon our ability to engender the trust of both our clients and our talent. We achieve this trust through a careful and incisive assessment of the goals for each engagement, followed by honest and open feedback in order to create the perfect match between client and speaker.

The Leading Thoughts team is led by Joan Powell who is committed to building enduring relationships with both her speakers and the organizations she serves. With people skills and excellence as hallmarks, Joan, and her dedicated team, faithfully deliver on the Leading Thoughts promise to every client and speaker: a partnership that breeds success.

how we work

Leading Thoughts follows its tried and true formula for successful speaking engagements: new ideas substantiated by real examples and hard data, charismatically delivered.

We deliver on this formula by:

  • Understanding the business goals, transformational agendas and logistical needs of both our clients and our talent
  • Providing clear, honest advice and direction regarding the qualities and characteristics of each potential match
  • Expediting and enabling communication between everyone involved in the planning to ensure that no fine point is ignored
  • Providing timely and reliable follow-through so that our clients and our speakers can focus their attention on ideas instead of on details
  • Keeping our line of sight on an unconditionally successful outcome.

There’s no luck involved in executing the perfect presentation. There’s only hard work, a keen vision, unblemished authenticity, and a passion to succeed.