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Stephen Dunn

Stephen is the author of seventeen collections of poetry, including the Pulitzer Prize winning Different Hours. Also renowned as an exceptional teacher and an inspiration to his audiences, he offers a unique perspective on the role of work in our lives. Stephen’s most recent book of poetry is Here and Now (2011).

The Distinguished Professor of Creative Writing at Stockton since 1974, Stephen has also served as faculty and poet-in-residence at a wide variety of colleges and universities including, Columbia University, University of Washington, Princeton University and the University of Michigan.

Stephen’s poetry draws from the tapestry of individual experiences to the reflective rhetoric that surrounds it. His poems that specifically touch on the workplace offer an opportunity for a unique and powerful counterpoint to more traditional business speakers. Stephen Dunn reading to business audiences from his book, Work and Love, touches audiences in a way that few other presenters can. He simply leaves them mesmerized.

Stephen’s other awards include: finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award; the  Academy Award in Literature; the James Wright Prize; and the National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Fellowship. In addition to his books, Stephen has been published in such prestigious periodicals as:

  • The Atlantic
  • The Nation
  • The New Republic
  • The New Yorker, and
  • The American Poetry Review



Different Hours

Pulitzer Prize winner


Wick Poetry Center reading – part 1



Wick Poetry Center reading – part 2