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Essdras Suarez

Essdras is a Pulitzer Prize winning, international photographer who has covered the Iraq war, the Haiti conflict, the Thailand tsunami, Columbine and the space shuttle Columbia disaster. He is also the CEO of A la Carte Photo journeys, that brings photojournalist experience to photo aficionados around the world.  Currently a photographer for The Boston Globe, Essdras’s other awards include the Association of Newspapers & Editors, the John F. Kennedy Photojournalism Award, the Boston Press Association, and the Gerald Loeb Award from the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

A renowned and inspiring speaker and teacher, Ess brings the art and impact of photojournalism to life for audiences by find the beauty within chaos and horror.  From the Department of State to universities to YPOs, he a frequent featured speaker. He also teaches at Boston University, the Maine Media Workshop and College, and the New England Camera Council.

Essdras graduated from the University of Florida where he also received the title of Alumnus of Distinction in 2010 as well as the title of “Nikon Legend.” He is also the founder of visYoga®: a physical conditioning system that incorporates principles of power yoga, martial arts, isometrics, stretching and relaxation.